‘Preboggion’ risotto with black horn of plenty mushrooms and Montebore toma cheese

‘Preboggion’ risotto with black horn of plenty mushrooms and Montebore toma cheese

Ingredients for 4 servings:


200 g diced Montebore cheese 

320 g San Bernardino Vialone Nano Rice

A bunch of wild herbs and leaf vegetables (borage, nettle, salad burnet, dandelion leaves and chard)

20 g black horn of plenty mushrooms (Cantharellus Cornucopioidae)

one julienned Cervere leek 

1 litre stock made from boiling fowl

1 chopped shallot

1 dl dry white wine (such as Pigato)

1 dl e.v. olive oil garlic flavored

20 g chopped parsley


salt and pepper



Clean the wild herbs and blanch them in a saucepan. Then blend to obtain a cream; set aside in a warm environment.

Heat the stock to boiling point.

Put the garlic oil in a 20 cm diameter wide-based casserole. Toast the rice and add the chopped shallot and half of the mushrooms; sprinkle with the white wine, allowing it to evaporate. Add the stock a little at a time, mixing frequently. After 12 minutes, add the cream of herbs, finish cooking the rice and remove it from the heat. Cream the risotto with the cheese.

Pan toss the remaining mushrooms in garlic oil and garnish with parsley.

Transfer the rice to the plates, arranging the horn of plenty mushrooms, the nettle tops, marjoram and dandelion flowers (watch out, they can be rather bitter) in the centre.


Further information on:


Preboggion: this is the ancient bunch of wild herbs foraged along the walls and on the local hillsides by elderly women for using in the preparation of ravioli or vegetable pies.


Montebore: a D.O.C. cheese produced on the border of the Ligurian and Piedmont Apennines. It is characterized by a tiered shape consisting of three round forms of different diameter.