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Riso San Bernardino

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San Bernardino Vialone Nano Rice is a medium-grain variety of a rounded shape and semi-long, particularly suited to preparing soft and creamy risottos thanks to the starch it releases during cooking. Its farming method, immersed in resurgent water on sandy soil in the P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) zone with periodic crop rotation, prevents soil impoverishment and produces a particularly high quality and uncontaminated rice. To avoid damaging this natural product, San Bernardino rice is hand-milled using wood pestles on stone mortars, which enables the grain to be gently dehusked, while keeping its outer layers intact and preserving its nutrients. The resulting rice is versatile, firm to the bite while absorbing and enhancing the ingredients used to prepare it.

Cooking time on the hob 18-20 minutes
Weight: 1 kg
Year of harvest: 2015
Produced at San Bernardino
Traditional processing and old-style milling