Rice with squid and artichokes

Rice with squid and artichokes

Ingredients for 4 servings:


320 g San Bernardino Vialone Nano Rice

600 g squid (plus 50 g raw squid to serve tartare fashion)

8 artichokes

4 small artichokes cooked in a pan with garlic and parsley

40 g squid ink

20 g finely chopped parsley

1 dl extra virgin olive oil

½ litre fish stock

½ litre artichoke stock

1 chopped shallot

10 g garlic puree

2 dl dry white wine

2 sprigs marjoram

salt and white pepper



Trim the artichokes by removing the tough outer leaves (keep them for the stock), cut in half and remove the fuzzy centre. Then slice them into 0.5 cm segments. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan and cook the artichokes until well crisped. Season with salt and pepper, add the marjoram and set aside.

Clean and gut the squid. Cook it in a saucepan with 1 litre of water until firm to the bite. Filter the cooking liquid and add it to the fish and artichoke stock. Adjust the seasoning and keep warm (90°C). Cut the squid à la julienne.

Heat some oil in a non-stick pan and toss the squid until it browns nicely.

Heat the wine and shallot in a small saucepan.

Put a little oil in a wide based saucepan and toast the rice in it. Add the wine and allow it to reduce. Continue to cook the rice by adding the boiling stock a little at a time, as for any other type of risotto. 

Take one ladleful of risotto and finish cooking it in a separate pan, creaming it with the squid’s ink.

Three minutes before the risotto in the main pan is completely cooked, add half of the squid and half of the artichokes, the pureed garlic and the parsley. Cream the risotto. 

Pour the risotto onto the plates. Arrange the remaining artichokes and squid on top, a drizzle of oil and some freshly grated pepper. Place a mould in the centre and fill it with the black risotto. Top it with the small artichoke filled with raw squid tartare. Serve.